Women Riders Rip — Doug’s Beach July 6

by / Monday, 07 July 2008 / Published in Gary Morris, Latest News

It was another classic summer day at Doug’s on Sunday, winds 20 – 25 and 80 degrees.  Several women stopped by to try the new Ezzys and happily contributed their valuable impressions.  They were eager and enthusiastic to try the new sails, and I quickly rigged their booms on a 4.0 and 4.5.  Each of our demo rigs has the matching Ezzy RDM mast.  Ezzy sails have a first and second mast choice, and will rig on either regular diameter or skinny masts.  It’s always best to use a mast that fits inside the sleeve; however each sail comes with a longer top strap to accommodate a longer mast if needed.

Christine Looking for Swells

Christine from Seattle took out the orange 4.0.  I always tell sailors to make one run, and if the sail doesn’t immediately “feel right”, come back so we can make adjustments.  I watched Christine make her first run across the river and knew the sail was perfect.  Thirty minutes later, she came back to the beach with a big smile and said, “The sail is great“.  She quickly explained, “The sail keeps its shape, feels light and is easy to jibe and water start, I love it”.

Betsy Taking Aim On a Doug’s Ramp

Betsy from Boise, Idaho took out the blue SE, and was spot on from the first water start.  Her first words as she came back, “the sail is a blast!”  “It is so smooth ever though it was up and down…I never felt overpowered“.  She definitely looked dialed as she played on the swells…it was a perfect fit.  It was a great day as everyone that stopped by was excited to have a chance to try the new Ezzys.  Hope to see you on the beach soon.  Gary & Nancy

And She Rips a Duck Jibe On a Demo Sail!

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