Windiest January Ever In Baja – February 2, 2012

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We’ve been coming to La Ventana for 12 years and this January was the windiest we’ve ever seen.  One of our friends, Richard who’s biggest sail is a 6.2, was able to sail 19 days in a row, then one “no wind day”, followed by 10 straight.  It’s been a windsurfer’s dream with day after day of sunshine and wind.  There were even a couple of 3.7 days just to remind me of home in the Gorge.  Maybe that’s why the campground is still near capacity with many new faces arriving every day.

Good thing that Ezzy’s are fast…Alan, don’t look back!

Maybe the increase of visitors here in La Ventana reflects what I  recently read in the local English newspaper (The Gringo that 2011 was good for tourism in southern Baja, “So says Ruben Reachi, the state’s tourism secretary, stating that the tourism flow to our Southern Baja state increased 12.21% from January to October, for roughly 140,000 more visitors than in 2010.”  I know that many Americans and Canadians are unsure of the safety of traveling in Mexico, which is reflected in the travel advisories from The US and Canadian State Departments.  However the warnings are for the border regions and mainland Mexico.  Southern Baja remains a relatively safe place to visit; and I say “relatively” because there are places in the US that I think aren’t safe to visit.  Hey, life is short and La Ventana is a wonderful place to visit, sail, and live.

Relaxing between sessions out of the wind;  good friends, sunshine, and Baja.

The wind is back up late this afternoon, after a warm and relaxing day.  Looks like great wind for the next 5 days, maybe February will also be the windiest ever.  Don’t know how much longer we can take this (not really).  See ya on the beach, Gary

Early morning on La Ventana Bay.  No wind, no problem…Yellowtail for dinner!

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