Welcome to the Ezzy Demo Blog

by / Tuesday, 15 April 2008 / Published in Gary Morris, Latest News

Gary and Nancy will be posting soon!

3 Responses to “Welcome to the Ezzy Demo Blog”

  1. Ed Moore says : Reply

    I have seen this couple in action in both the Gorge and La Ventana, and they are as advertised. They know their Ezzy sails and can help you be a better sailor.

  2. Gary says : Reply

    Ed, thanks for the kind words, looking forward to sailing with you in July.

  3. I’m from New York and have spent the past 5 Summers in the Gorge. When my friends come out to stay and sail I always bring them to Gary and Nancy for the best and most knowledgeable gear rental/sales in the Gorge. See you in a few weeks. Neil

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