Welcome July!

by / Sunday, 20 July 2008 / Published in Jerry Evans
Killer Day!

Well I think I jinxed the wind when I said “The SW winds have arrived!!!” They just shut down for the month of June. Definitely the worst June for wind on Cape Cod that I can remember!! The weather was hot and sunny so 98% of the population was happy. Us windsurfers are a funny crowd. Perfect beach weather does not cut it! Our faces light up when we see the beach umbrellas take off rolling down the beach like tumble weeds.
I was glad to see June go knowing that historically July fourth give or take a day or two has good wind. This year it was the 3rd that delivered with solid 4.7m wind all day long. We decided to go on an adventure with such good wind. The good thing about Chatham is you can get just about every sailing condition from one launch if you are willing to go the distance. Check out the photo. We started and ended at Forest Beach in South Chatham.

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