Waves and wind from passing hurricane Earl make for a killer day!!!

by / Monday, 04 October 2010 / Published in Jerry Evans

For a while we were in the cross hairs of Hurricane Earl. Luckily the track moved east at the last minute and spared us from a direct hit. It passed overnight and the next day(Sept. 4th) was a windy wavey day.

Phone calls were made and we decited to take my boat out to South Beach in Chatham which has been closed indefinitly because of  Great White shark sightings right off the beach. The conditions were just to good to pass up.

So we loaded up the MoJo(my boat) and headed out to shark infested waters.

It is a few miles out to South Beach and a bit of a carry from the inside to the outside of the barrier beach but well worth it for side-off waves!

Jerry down the line

Jeff ripping down the line

Jeff ripping down the line!

Peter ripping down the face of a nice wave


All good things must come to an end

This white shark was tagged in July right where we were sailing! They tagged 7 more in August and September. One of them three days before we sailed this day!!!

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