Warm Baja Winds: Bring on Winter! November 17, 2011

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Thank goodness we are finally on-line here in La Ventana!  We arrived in early October to find that our internet modem was DOA, but thanks to a friend from the Gorge a replacement arrived a couple of days ago.  Nancy was getting tired of standing on a chair and turning “just right” to get one bar of a local wifi signal; and then typing with the computer on top of a cabinet.  But I can’t think of a better place to have been cut off from the “real world” for a few weeks.

New Road to La Ventana ready for visitors

The drive down was good with only a few places of road construction on MX 1.  The highway seems to get better every year; it’s easy to see that Mexico has increased investment in their roads and bridges.  Locally, the road in La Ventana has received a major improvement this past month with new paving and shoulder repair from 2 miles south of town north through El Sargento.  There’s even plans to add a boat launching ramp in both villages in the next month so all of the fishing enthusiasts are looking forward to that.

Testing the early season conditions and crowd?  I love my job!


Yes, the sailing season is off to a great start.  According to Dan and Val on the beach in the campground, there were 15 sailable (5.8 and down) days in October, which was much appreciated by everyone who arrived early.  The summer heat held on until the last week of October, but last week’s first El Norte cooled the air temps to the high 70’s, but the water is holding at a 80…very pleasant.  We had a couple days of 4.2 with big smoothie swells on the outside.

Lindsay from Alberta was here for 2 weeks dialing in her waterstarts, getting hooked in, and maybe even her fist jibe by tomorrow!!


The Campground is filling up pretty quickly for this time in November, with rigs back to the 3rd row already.  The wind is filling in early today and looking like a great day of 4.7…hopefully some good swells building this afternoon.  I’ll be at the south end of the campground, so stop by and take out a new Ezzy for a test sail.  Se ya on the beach, Gary

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