The stoke…

by / Saturday, 20 December 2008 / Published in Jerry Evans
So the other day when I was driving to go windsurfing I had butterflies in my stomach and everyone in front of me was driving way to slow!
I thought to myself “It’s funny that after 23 years of windsurfing you would think the drive to the beach would just become hum hum.” It has not and if anything I just can not get there fast enough. After 23 years I am just as stoked, if not more. I love this sport.

Look Mom no gloves! (In December)

Look Mom no gloves! (In December)



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  1. rick reilingh says : Reply

    Jerry, just read your post about driving to site; being stoked still after 23 yrs.

    Just yesterday driving to Rider park (hudson river,Kingston,NY) for a wind tide opposite, nice rollers sesh; I love that anticipation!!!!
    Rocket Rick

  2. Jerry says : Reply

    It never get’s old does it!!!!!

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