The New Year In Baja Brings Hope For Wind – January 2, 2011

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Mother Nature was not kind to Baja in the wind department the last half of December, with only 1 or 2 days of sailing a week.  The record rain storms that slammed southern California cut-off the normal winter pattern of north winds in the Sea of Cortez.  Windsurfers who came down for a sailing Christmas Vacation were looking for alternative activities on most days.  The good news is that the weather was warm and sunny, and the local area offers several activities that can help ease the pain of a windless day.  With world class fishing, mountain biking, surfing to name a few; if you can’t find something fun to do here…it may be time for the therapists couch.

There is a noticeable increase in the number of people here this season.  By the week before Christmas, the campground was filling up fast with campers from the US and Canada.  At this time there are only a few spots available along the back row, and the rest of the campground is packed.  Tourism in Mexico has suffered not only from the economic down turn, but also the fear generated by the drug war along the border region of northern Mexico.  But here in La Ventana there is a definite up turn in the number of visitors.

So here’s the good news:  It’s been windy and sailable every day this year!  Ok, the year is only two days old, but counting the number of smiling faces on the water, it’s apparent that windsurfers know how to live in the moment; and who cares about what didn’t happen last week.  Today was 4.2-4.7 with some good swells.  So stop by and take the new Panther 3 for a test ride and join the Baja Test Crew.  I’ll be posting the results of the “on the water test” soon.

Three Ezzy sailors enjoying a no-wind day on the water.

A sad note:  Our beloved dog Max passed away last week.  Nancy and I, plus all the sailors who became his BFF after meeting on the beach will miss him dearly.  We know he’s in dog heaven chasing pelicans up and down the beach.  See ya on the beach, Gary

Bud from Hood River was one of Max’s special friends.

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