The good the bad and the bloody

by / Monday, 04 October 2010 / Published in Jerry Evans

Sept. 20 we were blessed with another hurricane swell from a new hurricane, Igor!  With a name like Igor it has to deliver. Things were lining up for what could be a great wave sailing day on Cape Cod. We all decited to head to Nauset Beach (one of the most well known beaches on the Cape). With the wind forecast to be out of the North in the upper 20’s and gusting into the thirties and a good groundswell being sent our way from Igor we were all chomping at the bit. Off to Nauset we went.

Jeff heading in Jerry Heading out.

I like this shot of Peter between a logo high set with a seal in the water and spectators watching from the beach.

Looks logo high to me.

After sailing my sweet green 4.7m I had to go to my killer blue 4.2m

Nice down the line.

big set backside to get up wind

Backloop coming up short. I face planted on my sail and landed so hard.....

The bloody!!!

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