Thank You Mom!!!

by / Monday, 12 May 2008 / Published in Jerry Evans
Historically Mothers day weekend is a windy weekend on cape Cod. This year was no exception. Saturday we sailed 4.7m at the Chatham Light House I should have been on my 4.2m but I stuck it out with the 4.7m because the extra power was well needed punching though the impact zone. The waves were logo high with mast high and better sets. On my first run out I was crushed do to bad timing and had to do a big swim after my gear. I was glad to finally get my gear as the break in Chatham is about 3/4 of a mile off shore. We sailed for two hours with no other mishaps enjoying some full on down the line on mackers.

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  1. Jimbo says : Reply

    You are da Man!! Headin out trap fishing this morning in the sound, maybe bring home a giant squid. keep it up ,

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