A Flash from the past

by / Tuesday, 13 May 2008 / Published in Jerry Evans

We took the doors off my Tercel because it was a hot day on Cape Cod back in 1986. SWEET!!

Those are my first three windsurfing boards. The one on top was a 9′ 6″ WINDSURFER Rocket 96 I have only seen one other I don’t think many were made. The next one down was a Mistral Tarifa 140 liters Transition board. the one on the bottom was a Wayler Chipper my very first board that I sold my Honda ATC 200x to buy.

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  1. Don McDermott says : Reply

    Was at Swell yesterday with the gang and Plat and Nancy showed up.
    Dinner and drinks at Everybody’s and talk of the old days.
    you were mentioned prominently.
    Was back on the Cape two weeks ago.
    No equipment and not much wind so went fishing. Had best day ever,caught and released over 100 schoolies and at least 8 keepers. Only kept 4 of caurse for Andy and myself. Carried across and surfed small stuff at Nausett same exact spot Whitey was spotted day before.
    Miss the Forest beach and cut crowd. All the best ever and always a place for you in the Gorge.

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