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– Name: Rudi Fjellanger
– Born: April 7, 1979
– Sail number: N35
– Lives: Sandefjord – Norway
– Started windsurfing: 1983
– Discipline: Wave & Slalom
– Sponsors: Ezzy Norway (, Corax, Flying Objects
– Favorite Ezzy sail: Elite 4.2 – 4.7

– Best day on the water: Summer 2005 Pozo Gran Canaria for 2 month with a bounch of good friends and allot of good actions!

– Who gives you inspiration in the sport: Robby Naish, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Graham Ezzy, Kevin Pritchard and the rest that is pushing the sport to newer levels!

– Where do you sail and with who: Saltstein and Lista (Norway), Varberg (Sweden). With good friends that is addicted for the sport!

– Favorite spot: Pozo and Vargas GC

– What do you do when your not windsurf: SUP, skateboard, snowboard, skiing, bicycling. Keeping me in good condition for the sport.

– What does windsurfing do for you: Everything! It lets me play with mother nature and makes me feel free and relaxed. I’m addicted to the sport! I love to show other how great this sport is, and what it gives of joy! It gives me freedom!!

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