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We caught up with Kevin Ozee, the owner of Second Wind who is loving having Ezzy Sails in the shop. If you ever come over to Maui and want to check out the latest and greatest line of Ezzy Sails, have a look at Second Wind. The shop has been on Maui since 1985 bringing you some of the best new and used gear on the island.

First of all congrats on taking over Second Wind, how has it been going?

Great! I am very happy to finally own my own business. It’s been almost two years since I bought the business and we have been growing steadily as we have improved the way we want to. It’s really a lot of fun making it the way I want it.


With Second Wind’s history in the sport it must feel great to keep the legacy going. What have you been doing with the shop and where is your main focus?

I’ve given the store it’s second wind! Ralf ran a great business for a long time, but it needed some new energy to take it to the next level. After having taken some time off I had that new energy! I’ve always been committed to quality products and exceptional customer service, and that is our main focus with the business today.


I love that when you go into a windsurf shop, people know about windsurfing, can you tell us about your crew?

As you know, I have been a windsurfer for 30 years. It is what brought me to Maui in 1987. It’s still my original love and passion.

A number of my team are avid windsurfers as well. Micah Buzianis is a former World Champion, so he’s obviously passionate and knowledgeable about windsurfing. Dana Cagen started the original Kanaha Kai windsurfing shop, so he’s clearly knowledgeable and experienced with the sport. One of my newest team members, Hana Lilley, is also an avid windsurfer and I’m pleased to have her on board.

I have a great crew of people working for me – some windsurfers, and some with strengths in sports like surfing and kiting, too. But, I do try to always have one windsurfing expert in the store at all times.


Why do you keep the Ezzy’s in the shop?

Ezzy makes a quality product that people want. Clearly no other brand can match the materials and workmanship of an Ezzy, and certainly the performance is excellent. That combination of quality and performance make Ezzy an exceptional value, and that’s what people want these days more than anything – value.

One thing I really notice is how Ezzy seemed mainly a US brand in the past, but now I have clients from all over the world asking specifically for the sails when they come in the store. People appreciate quality and value no matter where in the world they live, and I only see Ezzy’s appeal growing worldwide in the future.


How are the Ezzy sails for your rental customers?

In a word – perfect. People love the performance and durability. The performance of the Tiger and Elite are exactly what my customers want for Maui conditions. And a lot of people end up taking their rental sails home with them, because even after months of use the sails are in excellent condition. The re-sale value of an Ezzy is clearly the best in the business.


What are your favorite things about the Ezzy range?

Ezzy is the best value in the business. The commitment to quality and performance makes them the number one brand on the water, in my opinion.


Thanks for your time and thanks for keeping that Windsurf stoke going on Maui!! Check out for more info.

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  1. Tony Novak says : Reply

    I had dealings with Kevin on a warranty issue for a delaminated board. He stands behind what he sells and made the “process” as pain free as it could be. He went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with the outcome. We as windsurfers need to spread the word and rent or buy from his shop. Class guy.
    I could write a book on how much I love my Ezzy sails…… Windsurfing since 1981 and still going strong

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