Rowena Brings Hope For Wind – July 16

by / Friday, 18 July 2008 / Published in Latest News

 Look for the Offical Ezzy Demo site

Fact:  The Gorge is a windy place, especially in July.  But as most long time visitors know, heat waves on both sides of the Cascade Mountains are not a good thing.  This past weekend and into Monday and Tuesday, the forecasters were struggling to get it right with predicting the return of wind after several days of hot, hot weather.  At least it was cool in the shade by the river for a rigging clinic at Viento State Park on Tuesday.  Finally the awaited change came on Wednesday, and Rowena sailors got a chance to demo the new Ezzy sails.


 Richard from the San Francisco Bay area, and Ed from Santa Barbara, California took out a 4.5 and 5.2.  The wind was a little up and down (like most of the time at Rowena), This was Richard’s first time on the new Ezzy SE…”they are great and immediately felt comfortable.  They’re balanced and easy to jibe”.  He’s heading to Maui next week and will be renting Ezzy sails so I gave him some quick rigging tips.  I told him not to be surprised if Dave Ezzy stops to check out how his sail is rigged.  After a second session, he was excited; “I’m ready for Maui now, these are great sails”. 


Richard and Ed at Rowena

Richard (left) and Ed (right) enjoy an afternoon at Rowena

Ed sailed the 5.2 and 6.0.  He has older Ezzy sails so it was good to get his impressions of how the new sails compare.  “They have great power throughout their range.  They seem really balanced with no pull on either hand….even in the gusts.”  Ed sails Lake Lopez during the spring and summer and loves the combination of his 6.0 Infinity and 105 liter board.  He’s thinking the 5.2 SE would be a great addition for the bigger days at Lopez.

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