Road Journal from Thomas Hasch

by / Saturday, 23 March 2013 / Published in Latest News



In case you ever find yourself driving on Hwy10 through the desert of New Mexico you should be carrying an Ezzy sail and a board!  No really – I am not kidding. After passing the Arizona State border heading East on our current road trip along the coastline of the United States we noticed a massive increase in gas mileage. Towing a travel trailer our truck suddenly reported a fuel economy of 24 miles to the gallon. This can only mean one thing – it must be nuking and the wind is pushing us along.


Our suspicion was confirmed as the door almost ripped out of our hands at the next rest stop. My son and I looked at each other with a huge grin on our faces. Only problem was that based on our estimate we where 1300 miles from the nearest windsurf spot that we knew about.


A quick Google mobile maps search showed a small body of water about 100 miles north of Hwy 10. We decided to take the plunge and followed a dusty road to a our “mystical” lake. We arrived a few hours before sunset with winds still blowing around 20 to 30 mph.


Rigging up was fast and easy since all Ezzy sails are clearly marked with trim tabs. I decided to use my new Elite 4.0 which I didn’t have a chance to use yet. Normally I rig all my new sails at least once in the Kitchen or Living-room – to the delighted looks of my wife, but this time I just haven’t found time before the start of our trip. At this very moment a really appreciated the fact that every Ezzy sail does get rigged up once before it ships.


Tired and happy after our unexpected desert sail session we continued heading on East with next stop South Padre, Texas and our final destination Outer Banks, North Carolina.

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