Panther2 is one Badkitty

by / Wednesday, 31 March 2010 / Published in Latest News, Testimonials

“Got the new Panther2 yesterday afternoon. Took it out for a spin today. – What a great sail. It is exceptionally well balanced and feels just right regardless if you are over or underpowered. 2 Thumbs Up!!!

Four pictures from today’s first test session are attached.


[nggallery id=60]

3 Responses to “Panther2 is one Badkitty”

  1. Manuel Spaccini says : Reply

    Very nice pictures and the sails looks very nice. I would like to know which color of sails it is because it seems to be orange and the colors available for the Panther 2 are red, yellow, blue and green. This one seems to be orange. Is it a prototype or a custom made?
    In any case it looks great.
    Best regards

    • ezzysails says : Reply

      great question Manuel. We've been getting it quite a bit.
      There are four colors. The “tangerine” color is a bright red. The Blue is pretty straight forward as is the Green (my fav!). The “yellow” color is actually more Gold than yellow. Lots of people get the “tangerine/red” color confused with the “yellow/gold” color.

  2. Chase says : Reply

    Nice Pics 🙂

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