Oregon Trip

by / Friday, 17 July 2009 / Published in Russ Faurot

I left Maui to visit Oregon for the month of July, and it has proven to be a good trip so far. Shortly after arriving I got the call that the Coast had a big swell and lots of wind to go along with it. Myself, and a few others packed into a truck, and headed to Florence, Oregon. We arrived to 35mph wind and overhead swell. We were sailing right next to a jetty, so the waves were not all chopped up from the wind. There were some good waverides to be had, but the jumping was really amazing. I was using a 3.5 and had full power all of the time.

More recently I have been hitting the gorge spots. We had a great 4-day run where I sailed on a 4.2 once and 3.5 every other day. Chris Boston took a few pictures while JP and I sailed at the Wall last Sunday. Also, Dave Troup took some video for his blog on Monday at Arlington. You can check his site out at epicsesh.blogspot.com for some insane footage.  You may have to type the address in.

The trip is only half over, so there should be plenty more sailing and blogging to do before it is up. See ya on the water.







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