Notes from Baja

by / Tuesday, 08 January 2013 / Published in Latest News
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Gary Morris, our fearless international demo man has some notes and pics to share from his latest demo:

“My clinic and demo on Sat. & Sun. featuring the Elite was a hit. It was a HUGE hit; first at the clinic and then on water. Sailors were totally stoked with the light/balanced feel of the sail. And every person commented on how stable they were in the gusts and never felt any backhand pull. It’s looking like the 4 batten design is a home run.  I’ve sailed it a lot and love it for the same reasons, but I think it has more range than any previous Panther. It doesn’t get unruly when over powered…yesterday I was still comfortable on the 5.3 when most guys were on 4.7 – 5.0”







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