Message from Ricardo Pacheco

by / Monday, 04 May 2009 / Published in Testimonials

thanks for sharing this Ricardo!

“I got to say that from October 2008 when I had in my hands my very first EZZY, even ridding in places like Costa da Caparica (São João beach), Peniche (Baleal beach) and Guincho, where the wind is quite instable and sometimes unpredictable, I never had to change my sail – my board many times. I don’t know why (or maybe I do…) but with my former sails it was really usual to enter the water and feel that I was with the wrong sail. Riding Ezzy I always feel that I am with the right one, and if after a while I don’t feel comfortable.. Increasing or decreasing a bit the outhaul solves the problem! =)
I am sending you 2 photos of me ripping waves on a 4.7 in São João – Classic side off shore – conditions where some people that never tried Ezzy say that the sails weren’t supposed to work good because they are powerful and stuff like that – the reality is that with 5 to 10 liters less on my board and with 0.5 less on my sail I was able to sail great waves with the sail depowering perfectly when you turn off the power button! =)
I hope my girlfriend to don’t see this but I think Ezzy sails, my mother and my father, will be my only love 4 life!=)
Ricardo Pacheco”

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