Meet Franzi Fix from the Dominican Republic

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First of all where are you from and how old are you?

I was Born in the Dominican Republic, In Puerto Plata Im 15 years old I Live In Cabarete Dominican Republic. I learned in my dads windsurf’s school Cabarete is a great place to grow up , friendly people everywhere, everything is slow in cabarete its the perfect place to relax.

How often do you go windsurfing?

I go windsurf everyday that is possible

How long have you been on Ezzy Sails?

I have  been using EzzySails now for 5 years

What do you like about the Ezzy Sails?

The thing that i love the moste about ezzy sails is how strong they are… there the pefect sails for everything.

What are your hobbies?

Surf,Bodyboard,volleyball and paddleboard.

What are your Dreams?

My Dream is to become somebody… i dont want to be sitting around all day and watching my life go away..

Do you want to do the PWA world tour?

Of course !!

What are you doing to try and make it to the PWA? Do you want to do any AWT events? Do you want to become a pro windsurfer?

Right now i am trying to go to compete in the AWT first so i know what it is like so then i can go on to the PWA … Yes I do want to become a pro windsurfer!

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  1. Mark says : Reply

    I saw this guy windsurfing in Cabarete! Amazing stuff. He should get sponsored!

  2. Paola says : Reply

    He should get sponsored

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