Marsa Alam, Egypt goes off

by / Sunday, 03 April 2011 / Published in Jem Hall

Just back from 2 weeks in Marsa Alam and had a great time. 20 very happy clients who would all recommend and re-book a holiday and clinic there!

Hotel has very nice rooms and soo close to the excellent windsurf centre there. Food is excellent and wind was damn good, not loads in the first week but when it is light the inside lagoon is flat and great for light wind practice. When it fills in (best in ams till around 2 or 3pm) you get an inside lagoon for gybing and then as you head out small chop into lovely rolling swell, which is brill for first time gybes in waves / swell and for jumping too. : )

Defo heading back next year and with a majority of this years group who will be rebooking. I was using my RRD FireRide 125 for alot of the coaching partnered with the 5.8 and 6.9 Wave panther 3s. I started using the 6.9 last year for coaching in medium winds as i can blast, carve, duck, heli, jump, loop and 360 it and so i can demo all the required moves and still have a light sail with a huge wind range. My crew also enjoyed using the sail too and found it light and stable and found the easy to use tuning on the outhaul very helpful

Marvelous Marsa .. quiet at airport and on the plane due to earlier upheavals but nothing happening in Marsa except Wind, warmth and good sailing, oh and fantastic snorkelling too!

Now bring on some spring goodness to everyones home venues please ..

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