March Roars in Like a Panther (2) in Baja, First Impression – March 1, 2010

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Val new Panther 2

Thanks to Tim’s creative shipping and Nancy’s international travel, a new Panther 2 made its way to La Ventana on Sunday.  Of course, we wasted no time getting the sail rigged and in the hands of sailors.  Rigging the sail drew a “Christmas Morning” crowd on the beach as everyone gathered to check out the new Panther 2.

The Inspectors Gathered

New Panther clinic

Fortunately for Val, a hardcore sailor from the Central California coast, the 4.7 was her perfect size for the conditions.  She didn’t hesitate when I asked if she would like to be first on the water.  The new orange color really stands out, and the new Tri-Lite scrim distinctly identifies it as the new Panther 2.  Her first impression of the sail was direct and simple as she returned to the beach, “the power, rotation, and balance are perfect, and I love it”.  More impressions will follow as sailors have a chance to take it for a test ride.

See ya when you’re tired.Val new Panther 3

Val is still out on the bay as I’m posting this, no worries, she’ll come in when she gets hungry or the sun goes down.  Having fun in Baja, come and join us, Gary & Nancy

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  1. Pat Eilers says : Reply

    Val’s looking great with the new sail! I see a new quiver coming. Dad (Dan) and Val sure keep their ‘front yard’ looking nice and tidy. Man, I can’t WAIT to get back down there! Is that Allan and Ron I see pondering the the hit their wallet is going to take!?… Pat Eilers

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