March Is Going Off In Baja – March 8, 2012

by / Friday, 09 March 2012 / Published in Gary Morris, Latest News

The wind has been blasting in southern Baja.  After 50/50 for sailable days in February, last week we had 6 days of 3.7 – 4.2 with big swells to 9 feet.  Not Maui waves, but for the Sea of Cortez it’s what we live for all season; and a special treat for everyone who stays until April.  Check out iwindsurf’s graph for yesterday in La Ventana.  The sensor is on Baja Joe’s shed at the end of the bay, so you can add 5+ to these readings out on the bay.

Many folks have headed north after being here since the end of September (a tourist visa in Mexico is good for 180 days).  There’s more room on the water as the crowds of January/February are thinning out, and the weather and water is warming up.  Today reminded me of the Gorge with 3.7 and a little gusty, but with sailing friends Alan, Dan, Greg, and Mark, we all shared the stoke of big smooth swells and ripping Baja wind.

Even the sandbar on the inside had some nice waves to play on, and great portside ramps! 

Checked the forecast for Hood River this morning; 60+ and sunny…just a hint that the season can’t be far off!  Still enjoying the March sun and swells of Baja, but looking forward to heading back to the Gorge.  See ya on the beach, Gary

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