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by / Thursday, 07 May 2009 / Published in Ezzy Team, Submitted Pics
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Jem Hall is just back from the centre in El Tur, Egypt where he got some more testing on the NEW Ezzy Free(ride) 3 and is totally stoked.  In comparison with last the previous model he found it lighter in the hands and through moves.  The sail is more throwabout with duck gybes and 360s no worries on the 7.0.  It still has the same bottom end power and coupled with that joy wind range. It felt to Jem like a scaled up Panther.

He got out on the 8.5 on his NEW RRD X fire 112 Slalom machine back in the UK and really got to test the speed as he found himself taking down other speedsters on slalom boards and cammed sails.

Easier rigging, huge wind range and whistles through gybes, put some freedom in your ride and dust your mates on the water.

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