1) No back hand pressure, really! 2) Easy to rig and extract the range 3) The batten tips rig behind the mast, showing genuine shape on the beach 4) NO batten pop during a jibe, just smooth, silent, and balanced jibes! 5) We can make outhaul adjustments on the water WITHOUT re-adjusting downhaul, for real!
To help celebrate Windfest which occurs this weekend, we’d like to salute the guys at Windance.  Kevin Pritchard recently popped his head in and sat down with Dave Nunn, the owner of Windance.  Windance has been a key shop for Ezzy since we launched the brand back in 1993.  To date, Windance is still the

Pic from Chile

Here is a cool shot from the last low pressure cyclone in central Chile (40-50 knots) from our friend Marcelo in Chile. Enjoy! [nggallery id=144]  
We wish to showcase some of our global retailers from time to time.  If you wish to “toot the horn” of your favorite Ezzy store, please email us at ezzy@gorge.net with your story and some pictures! [nggallery id=143] Today, we wish to showcase “Waira Wind Shop”. We asked them a few simple questions: “How long