Build quality – it never crosses my mind the kit will break. Tuning / wind range – typically stops having to de-rig and rig and smooth at both minimum and Max settings Stability – no movement of the power around the sail. Fool proof down haul guide – nice to have no guess work Rock

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Video

Ezzy Sails Taka2
I have to say this years Pistol River was some of the best sailing I have had in quite some time. The wind was howling, the waves were just perfect. You want to jump.. go for it. Go as high as you want!! I rode my 4.1 Ezzy Taka and my Starboard Custom Kode 82

Hi Tech Maui and Russell Faurot

Treat it gentle it’s a rental The windsurfing rental business is one of the hardest customers on windsurfing equipment, however at Ezzy Sails we feel it is one of our best customers. If our sails last for over a year in the rental fleet being used and abused day after day, being laid in the sun,
Whoohoooo… first of all congratulations on your awesome finish at the Aloha Classic! Incredible. I guess all that local knowledge really came into play. How were to conditions for you out there? Thank you! You have greatly contributed to my success. Well, as conditions go, it was classic Hookipa -light on the inside and ledging