La Ventana Update – December 13, 2011

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We had a windy week in La Ventana.  With several high-pressure systems passing through the southwest US, the Norte winds were charging down the Sea of Cortez.  Early in the week we had several days of 4.2-4.7 tapering off to lighter winds by the weekend.  As with most big Nortes, the winds were northwest and gusty, which meant that the clean wind was a mile off shore.  It’s always a good idea to sail with a friend when that far off shore, but there was never a shortage of friendly Ezzy sailors having fun in the big smooth swells.

Playing with Alan in the swells down in the “hole”.  He loved the Panther LTD, “light and balanced ride”.

More people are arriving as the Holiday season nears.  The campground is filling up, and the only empty space is along the back fence.  I expect that by the week after Christmas it will be at capacity.  We’ve been coming to La Ventana for 11 years, and the “small fishing village” atmosphere is definitely changing.  Many past Canadian and US “campers” have bought property and built homes, which in turn has brought economic growth to local small businesses and workers.  From taco stands and restaurants, to fishing guides and a weekly famers market, the area has benefitted from the growth of wind sports in Baja.

Cerralvo Island adds the perfect back drop for sailing in La Ventana…it’s a 9 mile reach; take a friend.

Looking ahead as the season ramps up for the next few months, we’re expecting the winds to settle into the typical cycle of 4/5 days of wind with a couple light days to recharge.  The forecast for the winter is for a continuation of last years’ La Nina event. Cooler than normal ocean temperatures (La Nina) usually mean a cooler than normal winter for the US west coast, which can extend into Baja.  At least it gives all the amateur meteorologists on the beach something to talk about while waiting for the wind.

The disappearing kiter…the swells were big and smooth on the 4.2 days.

The one certain thing is that I have the 2012 Panther LTD and Tiger ready for everyone to demo.  So if you will be in La Ventana, stop by the south park windsurfing area and take a spin on David’s latest Wave sails…they are GRRRRRRRRRRREAT.  Hope to see ya soon, Gary

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