Kona Winds

by / Wednesday, 19 January 2011 / Published in Russ Faurot

Every winter in Maui the wind reverses from it’s normal trade wind direction, giving us Kona Winds.  Usually it only lasts for a day or two, but sometimes up to a week at a time.  This year is no different, and I have sailed 2 Kona days so far.  I have had my new Ezzy Panther’s for about a month now and this is the only action they have seen.  It’s been a slow Dec/Jan to say the least for windsurfing.  I’m not complaining, because when the wind disappears, there is usually good surfing.

The forecast is calling for huge waves, in the 20-30’+ level starting tomorrow night or thursday.  It just so happens that the wind is supposed to return on thursday as well.  It is unclear if the surf will hit us directly, or cruise by and give a partial hit.  The swell direction does not favor Maui’s North shore, but when it is that size, chances are we will see a good dose of the big stuff.  I hope somewhere is sailable, other than Jaws, on what is potentially going to be a huge day.  We’ll see.

Here are a few pictures from last week’s Kona session.  All photos taken by Joe Foster.

Myself and Diego

See ya on the water!

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