I am so STOKED about this years windsurfing!!!

by / Saturday, 02 April 2011 / Published in Jerry Evans

It all started down in Baja when Kevin Pritchard shows up on Ezzy’s. As if that is not enough but then he goes out and slams it on the race course.

Then I get word of the American Windsurfing Tour which is re-stoking my fire like gasoline!!!

It is bringing back memories from the 80’s and I am not talking about big hair and break dancing. I’m talking about windsurfing events that were happening on US soil (or I guess I should say water).

It’s April and things are starting to warm up here on Cape Cod.  Well going to sail this am so have to go get my Panther 3’s that showed up yesterday ready. Oh and Charlie Sheen can drink all the tiger blood he wants. I am getting juiced on Panther blood!!!

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