Hi Tech Maui and Russell Faurot

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Treat it gentle it’s a rental

The windsurfing rental business is one of the hardest customers on windsurfing equipment, however at Ezzy Sails we feel it is one of our best customers. If our sails last for over a year in the rental fleet being used and abused day after day, being laid in the sun, treated with lest than ideal care, we know we have done our job. Durability is Ezzy’s middle name and we are happy to be one of the most sought after rental sails on the market. Russ Faurot of Hi Tech Surf sports is not only one of the best in the business when it comes to getting the gear you need he also has been using Ezzy Sails for the past 7 years in his personal quiver. Russ lives on Maui and has been quietly climbing the AWT Ranks and is becoming a great ambassador for the Ezzy Brand. We caught up with him to find out what he is up to and if he had any fun rental tales from the shop.


Ezzy Sails- First of all congrats on a great season on the American Windsurfing Tour rankings. You made it on to the podium this year? How is that going and what have you been enjoying about the tour?

Yeah, the AWT has been great.  I have been with the tour since the beginning, and it just keeps growing.  It’s rewarding  to see the excitement that the tour generates.  As far as my personal results go, I’m pretty happy with pulling a 4th place this year.  I have improved my rank each year, so watch out Kevin.  I’m coming for ya!

How do you think the new sails are working? I guess you can say the Taka’s are working well?

I have to say the Taka’s are working great.  I absolutely love them in all conditions.  They are so tunable that, I can rig them just right no matter what condition I find.

Where do you think the Ezzy Sails work best for you?

The ideal condition for me would be light  side-offshore wind where I can really use the low end power that the Taka provides.  The Ezzy’s have always been good at that, but the Taka seems to be a step above the rest!


What is your favorite location on the AWT?

Wow, that’s a tough question.  They are all so good.  I’m really excited to go to Ponta Preta in Cabo Verde.  That’s a new stop for 2015, and I have never been there, but it looks absolutely insane.

Peru has to be up there near the top for places that I have been.  The ridiculously long port tack wave is such a joy to ride, and I really like the setup that Jaime has going at the El Faro Adventure resort in Pacasmayo.  It should be on every windsurfers bucket list.

When people come to Maui what is the basic quiver they need to cover most of the basics?

Default setting is a 4.7 and 5.2 with 85L.  What’s the saying?  It works 80% of the time every time!  Something like that.  Haha


What are the demands of a rental customer?

They rely on me to give good advice, so that they have an amazing vacation.  The pressure is on, but fortunately Maui usually delivers.

How do the Ezzy Sails stack up in your rental fleet?

People come here, and ask for the latest and greatest from Ezzy, and we’ve got them.  They hold up amazingly well, and still look great after a full season in the rentals.  Definitely no complaints on durability!  If somebody wants to push their limits in the waves, we feel confident giving them the Ezzy.


What is the best story you have ever heard from a rental customer with damaged or lost gear?

Ha! I get so many, it’s hard to keep track.  One of my all time favorites was when a customer brought back the board with the fin box smashed, and the fin had nice new 45 degree angle in the wrong direction.  He said that it was rented to him in that condition, so he shouldn’t have to pay for it!

What are you plans for the upcoming year?

Stay the course.  I love windsurfing, and I am very lucky to have a job at Hi-Tech that is flexible enough to let me travel the world with the AWT.

Sounds awesome and thanks for being part of the Ezzy Family.


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  1. My eternal favourite is Ezzy Wave SE. You should produce it again.

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