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by / Friday, 09 May 2008 / Published in Jerry Evans

Sailing in Hatteras

Jerry and his wife sailing in Hatteras!
Photo credit: Bill Reid

Jerry will be posting soon!

5 Responses to “Welcome to the Ezzy Sails Blog!”

  1. JImmyC says : Reply

    I see the logo on the clew of the sail, does that mean a “macker” is 3 feet high?

  2. Bryan Alcorn says : Reply

    Is Janice sailing next years Ezzy “Spider” line of sails? HA!! Your new blog is cool, Jerry. I will be watching it for updates. Talk with you later, Mr. Media.

  3. Jimbo says : Reply

    The giant squid are coming…They were in Hyanbnis yesterday and moving east with the warmer water….

  4. Charlie in the Hatt says : Reply

    Nice job!! Had three 3.5 days in Hatteras this week- miss u guys…..

  5. Jerry says : Reply

    NICE Charlie!! Three days on 3.5 that sounds like the Gorge in July. Wish we could have ripped it up with you.

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