Heat Wave Grips Gorge – July 29, 2009

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July in the Gorge is prime time for sailing.  Just count the number of empty parking spaces at the Hatchery on a windy day…there aren’t any!  I did a rigging clinic with some sailors which was at 10:00 am and had to park across the highway in the over flow lot.  Last week with temps in the 90’s the summer pattern of wind in the central Gorge was in place.  From The Hatchery to Dougs the winds were 20-30 for several days.

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall swells

in a single bound…our Saskatchewan sailor on the Wave Panther.





 I met a fun group of Canadian sailors from the prairies of Saskatchewan who were here for their annual windsurfing holiday.  Doug was excited to try the new Panther and took out the 3.7.  It was quite entertaining listening to his buddies’ critique his moves on the water.  The Canadians I meet on the beach always seem to be having a great time.  Doug was impressed with the balance and power of the Panther, “I liked the older Ezzys I’ve sailed, but these are definitely a sweet ride, I love them!” 

Ed is styling on the 5.2 Freewave at Dougs Beach.


Another sailor on his annual trip to the Gorge was Ed from southern California.  He put the new Freewave to the test at River Front Park in Hood River.   He found the power and range of the new Freewave to his liking.  His 92 liter board and the 5.2 were perfectly powered in the gusts with enough float to get through the lulls.  It’s only one reach across the river to the swells at the White Salmon Bridge…and much less crowded than the Hatchery.  The City of Hood River has done a great job of adding access with a dedicated swimming area, rock climbing wall, windsurfing rigging and launch, plus new restrooms.  It’s located just west of the Event Site and the Luhr Jensen building.




The hottest days of the summer have a strangle hold on the wind in the Gorge this week, so hopefully I’ll be back on the beach with demos this weekend.  The southern Oregon coast has been the place to escape the heat and sail.  Check Russ’s blog for some great video and report from his trip to the south coast.  See you on the beach soon.  Gary & Nancy  


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