Happy Hollidays!!!

by / Tuesday, 06 January 2009 / Published in Russ Faurot
The windsurfing has been good for the holidays. Christmas day was quite fun with good wind and waves. I sailed at Upper Kanaha with full power on a 4.2m sail. Big windswell was breaking across the outer reef providing opportunities for massive jumps. It had to be one of the best jumping days of the year with 6-9+ foot pitching ramps to be had all over the place. It was great day throwing down huge loops and just having a good time with a bunch of my windsurfing friends.
Other than that, I have had a couple good wave sailing days. I scored two rain soaked and very cold (for Maui standards) wave days up the coast near Ho’okipa. These were actually some of the most fun days, because they were completely uncrowded and the waves were big. You just had to wear a shorty wetsuit and shield your face from the pelting rain. One of the days was just a friend and me in head to logo high waves for three hours.  The other was an equally uncrowded day, with just three of us out there trading waves.
Here are a couple more Baja pics from my September trip. Credit goes to SoloSports Adventure Holidays.






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  1. Some killer shots Russ!!!!

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