Great Season Ends in Baja

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Great Season Ends in Baja


There are still a handful of sailors enjoying the final windy days here in La Ventana.  Most visitors are heading north by mid March, so as the weather and water warms into April, the crowds thin out in the campground and on the water.  It’s relaxing when you know the name of every sailor you see during your session. 


It’s been a windy winter in Baja this year, with some unexpected great days starting in October.  Even though November had more fishing than sailing days, the Norte’s returned in December and continued through March.  An added treat was from mid-February through March, when we had several 4.0 days.  My usual sail size is 4.5 to 5.0 with only a couple days of 4.0 for the season, but this year I was reminded of some great days in the Gorge last summer day after day.  Another bonus of the stronger winds was testing the range and performance of the Panthers in higher winds…they are SWEET!


A special part of sailing in Baja is sharing this wonderful place with other sailors.  Sure, we all love to windsurf, but for us it’s even more fun when you can share good times on and off the water with friends.  Thanks to Dan and Val from Bodega Bay, California for sharing their rigging tarp and front yard with us at the south end of the RV Park this season. 

Dan & Val in their front yard.



We met Dan and Val several summers ago when we ran the rental/demo center at Windance in Hood River.  They were both enthusiastic sailors who had the determined passion that we all had while learning to windsurf.  We helped them select their first quiver of Ezzy sails from over a 120 rental and demo sails at Windance’s Labor Day weekend sale.  A couple quivers and a few years later, they are usually the first on and last off the water on any windy day.  They are living every Windsurfer’s dream.  They are stoked about the new Panthers, and represent the heart of David’s passion for building his sails.  It doesn’t get any better when you’re married to your sailing partner who uses a half meter smaller sail.



Dan and Val have sailed ’07 and ’08 Special Edition Waves, so they were eager to try the new Panther and see the differences.  They’ve been sailing the Panthers for the past month, and here are their impressions.  Dan’s thoughts:  “The Panther has a lighter feel while sailing than the SE.  And it’s so smooth to power up after a jibe.  At times on my SE, the batten would pop as I powered up after a jibe…but that’s gone with the Panther, it’s just smooth from one tack to the other.  The Panther still has the power I loved in the SE, and when it’s blowing hard and gusty, the range in the sail is incredible…a quick adjustment of the outhaul is all it takes.”  With a big smile on her face, Val added,” I love the Panther!  It is so smooth and effortless, and rigging is really easy, especially with the outhaul strings…it would be hard to get it wrong.”

Gary, Dan & Val…Panthers rule in La Ventana!



So there’s the latest from the beach in La Ventana.  We’re enjoying our last few days before heading north back to the Gorge next week.  Three hundred new Mexican friends have joined us at the RV Park this weekend for Easter.  It’s a tradition in Mexico to spend Easter at the beach, so it’s always an unforgettable celebration of friends, family, food, and music…with time off to sleep from 5 am to 8 am…then it starts over.  I’ll be doing demos again this summer in the Gorge, so stop by and try the new sails from Ezzy.  If you’re in Hood River on Sunday April 19th, don’t miss the Windance Swap meet.  They will have some great deals on Ezzy sails.  Good sailing, Gary & Nancy

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