Gorge Windfest – Let the Season Begin!

by / Thursday, 01 July 2010 / Published in Latest News

Warm wind and sunshine welcomed sailors to the Hood River Event Site this past weekend. A cool and wet spring ended just a few days before the annual event.  The stoke was flowing as sailors took advantage of the great conditions to try all the new 2010 gear.  Tim and I shared space with Windance and RRD giving anxious sailors an opportunity to get out on the new Panther 2 and Freeride 4.  The winds ranged from 5.0 on Saturday morning to lighter on Sunday when sailors put the larger sails to the test.  The new 7.5 Freeride 4 surprised many sailors with its easy handling while waterstarting and extremely light feel while sailing.  Here are some highlights from the weekend.

Canines rate Ezzy #1

I couldn’t resist this picture of Dude and Elvis who love sailing their Ezzy on lighter Gorge days.  They were rescued by Barb and came to the Gorge from southern California to live the good life on the banks of the Columbia River.  They told me they love the smooth ride and easy handling of their Ezzy sail.  They also participated in a dog walk fundraiser on Sunday moring from the Event Site to the new Hood River Waterfront Park.

Barb with the “Boys”

The Man behind the Ezzy mast

Jason, Rachael, and their son Jayden stopped by to make sure we had all the Ezzy masts we needed.  Jason makes (he directs the recreation/sports division of the company) the best RDM mast on the market.  Like many young couples they enjoy all the great things the Gorge offers year around: windsurfing, skiing, whitewater kayaking, and cycling.  Knowing Jason and Rachael, I probably left something out.

I’ll be at the beach doing demos again this summer, so try the new Panther 2 and see for yourself what the buzz is about.  See ya on the beach soon, Gary

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