Go Big, or Watch. The Gorge Goes Off. July 12, 2010

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Every summer in the Gorge there are a few memorable days that sailors talk about and remember.  Monday July 12 was one of those days.  Iwindsurf predictions of strong winds were confirmed by the morning readings from Swell to Arlington averaging 35 with gusts to 50.  Doug’s Beach was the call with less extreme averages in the upper 20’s and gusts to 35.

Kieran from the Florida Keys impressed us all.

When I got to the beach it was apparent the smallest Panthers would be the only sizes needed for demos.  Sailors with big smiles were coming off the water with 3.0 – 3.7’s; the smiles in response to the building swells that Doug’s is known for.  A young sailor from Florida asked if he could try the new Panther.  Kieran told me he’d last sailed an Ezzy in 1995 and was stoked to see for himself what all the talk on the beach was about.  We attached his boom to the 3.7 and tuned the sail for the high winds.  I told him to get out there and “let it rip, put it to the test“.  He quietly asked, “Do you really mean it?”  I told him Ezzy’s are strong, so “no worries…don’t hold back“.  I have to admit he put a smile on my face as he threw a back loop off the first wave he hit on the way out,” very cool Kieran“.

Kieran stayed out for nearly an hour since the 3.7 was too big for everyone else.  On his return he gave one of the more perceptive evaluations of the sail.  Starting with, “this is by far the best 3.7 I’ve ever sailed.  The power-forward design is so stable, and the rotation is so controlled in slow or faster moves.  I’m impressed with how light the sail is; especially since I thought that Ezzys had a reputation for being heavy…that is totally not true.  Finally I want to add that the drive through the turns was exceptional”.    He had a keen understanding of sail design and shared his thoughts about the progression of David’s designs.  I always enjoy meeting sailors and sharing the stoke that makes our sport great.  Thanks to Kieran for sharing his passion for sailing and living life to the fullest.

Summer in the Gorge continues; see you on the beach, Gary

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  1. Jerry Evans says : Reply

    Glad some sailors are getting wind!! We are having the hotest light wind summer I can remember.
    Thanks for keeping my stoke alive.

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