Five Things I love about my Ezzy’s

by / Tuesday, 19 January 2016 / Published in Five Things About Ezzy - Testimonials

1. Very stable in gusts (a real advantage in the costal conditions we have on the baltic)
2. Big trim range gives me the opportunity to adjust without downsizing (very good in unstable weather)
3. Early planing but not too grunty.
4. Good drive through bottom turns (important mainly in side on wind swell What I tend to often sail)
5. Light while still bullet proof. It survives nearly everything 🙂

Felix from Germany

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  1. Bob Jones says : Reply

    1. Easiest sails on the planet to rig right.
    2. Cheetah 7.0 is a powerhouse which jumps and gybes with total ease and style.
    3. Elites felt like coming home first time out.
    4. The wind range.
    5. The build quality

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