Five Things About Ezzy by Dave Fimmers

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Submitted By Dave Fimmers

Infinity (6.5 2009 and 7.5 2010):

  • Having cams that are fitting for a variety of masts is really neat as it ensures good rotation regardless of mast diameter
  • The fact that the sail is not very mast specific is a great boon. I am a heavy guy and I have experimented using the 7.5 on a 490 SDM mast after having read something about Dave White in the UK and his quirky stiff mast rigging… I went back to the 460 SDM Ezzy mast though..
  • The infinity has a nice stable and forward draft which helps to keep my big freeride board in good pitch without tail walking in gusts.
  • The build quality = like no other
  • The infinity tunes well with a variable outhaul which I have learned to like on my old school raceboard when beating upwind I can flatten the sail easily point more, at the upwind mark just slack the ropes off, yank the mastrack back and power away with a deep deep drafting sail that stays in shape well and also gives the sail a big wind range (I have a 6.5 and a 7.5 but really they are too close in size)

Panther: (5.2, 6.0 2009’s, my new 6.9 is still on order)

  • Positive feeling in the bottom end
  • Build quality
  • Easy to rig, easy to tune
  • Massive wind range

In general about Ezzy sails:

  • No need for gazillions of pounds of downhaul (I have back issues)
  • Well built and really nice looking sails
  • Honest price levels in comparison to other brands
  • The Ezzy company seems to put people first with regards to manufacturing and that counts for something imho.
  • So far any question I have had has been answered by the folks at ezzy, yourself and David included.

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  1. Dave says : Reply

    hehe typo..

    shoulde read

    “went back to the 460 RDM Ezzy mast”


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