Five Reasons Why I Like Ezzy Brand Windsurfing Sails

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Five Reasons Why I Like Ezzy Brand Windsurfing Sails

Tim Cairns, CPA

Tim out ripping on his Wave SE

Traverse City, Michigan

1. Instructions come in the sail bag.

When I began windsurfing in the early nineties, twenty years ago, I tried a number of brands. I also had to swim to shore many times with broken mast tops and bottoms, broken booms, and torn sails.  Back then, I had windsurfing ambition but the technique of Daffy the Duck.  I had never been taught how to rig the sail or even how to sail.  I just had new sails and masts delivered to me by mail.  I do not remember any instructions arriving in yesteryear’s sail bags either! Ezzy sails come with the designer’s intentions and rigging instructions in the bag.

2. Additional, model-specific support on the Web.

Before, brand or model-specific information never made it from wherever my sails were designed to the usually frozen beach in Northern Michigan.  Other sailors may have occasionally offered rigging suggestions, but accuracy was always in question.  Having an Ezzy brand sail now, if I need more information, an illustration, or demonstration, I can go to the Ezzy Web site or pull up an Ezzy video on YouTube.

3. Tension and Rigging Guides are on the sail.

Improperly threading a mast base and guessing at the proper tension for the downhaul of the sail means more time rigging and less time windsurfing.  Having twists in the line makes it especially impossible to fine-tune the sail!  Ezzy’s support continues on the beach with downhaul tension and rigging guides on the sail that show how to properly thread the rope at the base.

4. Confidence in the Rigging

Confidence in windsurfing comes with experience, but it’s also in the rigging.  After all these years, I’m finally, consistently, happily, carrying my rig to the water’s edge with absolute confidence and readiness to windsurf, which is to say, my Ezzy sail gets me in the water faster and surer!

5. Technique

Dave Ezzy delivers experience from the factory to my beach, hence my fifth reason for liking Ezzy sails above all others.  Once I’m on the water, well, there are at least five things I need to improve about my technique, but riding an Ezzy sail, that is all I have to be concerned with:  my technique and the wind.  See you on the water!

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