Find out why Jem Hall teaches with Ezzy Sails

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KP- First of all tell us a little bit about yourself. Where your from, where you started windsurfing and so forth?

I’m from the south coast of England and was born in Portsmouth and have had that as my base my whole life, even though I have travelled and worked overseas a huge amount in the last 20 years. I also learnt to windsurf in “Pompey” and around the south coast. I studied Sport Science and coaching at University and then got into teaching windsurfing in my summer holidays at overseas windsurf centres and my coaching and interest in developing my skills as a windsurfing coach grew from these seasons abroad.

KP-When did you start doing camps and clinics? And what do can people expect to learn going to one?

I started running coaching clinics in 2002, after I had done a lot of small group coaching in the Uk through one of our biggest Ezzy retailers, 2xs, at a spot in West Wittering. My 1st coaching clinic was to Rhodes and then the tour moved on to take in Egypt, and Ireland. Then as my coaching name grew I could more and more choices and venues and this is when I added Morocco, Mauritius, Punta San Carlos and Jeri, Brazil to my ‘move on up’ world tour.

On a Jem coaching Halliday (as KT from Solosports like to call em) you can have a lot of fun with people of a similar to mindset to you. I place a big emphasis on the fundamentals and will mainly get you planing earlier, sailing faster and flying upwind. All this means you have lots more time to work on the turns, tricks and rides. A huge part of my coaching helps you to help yourself as I strongly develop my clients ability to become better self coaches.



KP-How long have you been using Ezzy Sails and what are some of the reasons for using them?

I have been using Ezzy Sails for 10 years now. I was a tester for a mag from ’01 to ’06 and really liked them from that and so it was a no brainer to seek sponsorship from Ezzy sails UK, in ’06, when moving on from my testing work.
For me the Ezzy sails main characteristic that I love is reliability. In an environment where the conditions are often changing I love to have a constant! What shines through in their reliability is their stability, huge wind range (less changing of sails) and toughness. Being built so well it gives you the confidence to go a bit harder and know that if I take a beating that the sail and mast will have the best chance to survive and keep you on the water rather than swimming

KP-What is your favorite sail for teaching on?

That is a tough one .. I love the Cheetah for freeriding, and some freemove action but if i had to take just one sail it would be the Elite for sure. The new 6.1 is amazing on a big freemove board, a medium sized FSW or for lighter wind wavesail coaching. The Elites have a big wind range so they give me more time on the water to get round the group and where tehy are so easy and neutral they make lots of demos, like gybes, heli tacks, wave rides, jumps, loops etc, so easy. The Ezzy’s allow me to forget about the kit and focus on the coaching and the moves!

KP- You go to many destinations, where is your favorite and why?

Again, a difficult decision and for many years I said all of my venues are my favourite as I genuinely respected and liked all of them. However, people really called me on this and also a unique location really started to grow on me. So now I have to say that my favourite is Punta San Carlos, in Baja, Mexico, with Solosports, is my number one venue. I love the adventure of getting and being there, and it is great to see my client enjoy PSC so much. For me I love the wavesailing there and awesome paddle boarding too, and it is fantastic to be right on the spot and living in the rhythm of the waves and the daylight.

KP-What is your favorite tip that help your clients enjoy windsurfing more?

My favourite on water tip would be to ‘get down James Brown, or get down low and look where you go.’ These are simple and very effective. On land I look to help my clients believe in themselves more and enact a more positive self dialogue along the lines of ‘I shall, I will, I can …….’

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    Jem, A quick question – Do you think that a fully planeing fast tack is possible? I think it is!
    Nice article.

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