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To help celebrate Windfest which occurs this weekend, we’d like to salute the guys at Windance.  Kevin Pritchard recently popped his head in and sat down with Dave Nunn, the owner of Windance.  Windance has been a key shop for Ezzy since we launched the brand back in 1993.  To date, Windance is still the largest Ezzy dealer in the world.  We hope if you get to the Gorge you can pop in and get a look around.
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KP: How long have have you been an Ezzy Dealer?

Dave Nunn:  Back in 1991 I bought the oldest windsurfing store in Canada called Wind Promotions which was a North Sails dealer. At the time Dave was the North designer. When I bought Windance in 2007 I inherited the biggest Ezzy dealership in the country and was stoked to do so. Tim Ortlieb is a great distributor to work with. He supports his dealers, will not retail himself, and keeps brand reputation high.

KP: What is your best selling sail?

Dave Nunn:  Ezzy, by far and away. Over 90% of what we sell. We also currently sell Goya and used to sell Severne but dropped them due to poor sell through and quality.

KP:  What is your personal favorite sail?

Dave Nunn: I like waves so the Panther-3 is for me. I have always liked a more powerful feeling sail. I do not believe in babying my sporting goods gear so I want a product that takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. When I do sail big sails I would grab the FreeRide in all sizes for it’s ease of rigging and draft stable shape.

KP:  Where is your favorite place to sail?
Nunn:  Here in the Gorge I like to sail the Hatchery. I enjoy sailing tight with friends in a challenging wavey environment. If I am in Maui I like Specks or downwinders from Hookipa.

KP:  Favorite thing about Ezzy Sails?
Nunn: My single favorite thing about Ezzy is their quality. I have yet to have rig one that wasn’t perfect right out of the box.


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