Featured shop! Delta Windsurf Company, Rio Vista, California

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Kevin Pritchard recently popped in to the Delta Windsurf Company to say hello.  He spent a minute gathering some shots and details from shop manager Derek Rijiff.  If you are looking for a fantastic spot to sail in central Cali, you have got to check out Rio Vista!

Delta Windsurf Co.
3729 W. Sherman Island Rd.
Rio Vista, CA 94571
(916) 777-2299 cell
(925) 597-0844

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: How long have have you been an Ezzy Dealer?
DR: We opened 20 years ago and for as long as we can remember we’ve proudly sold Ezzy sails.


KP: What is your best selling sail?
DR: Ezzy Wave Panther. We’re a bump and Jump local and the Panther’s quick planing and great handling make it perfect for the river.

KP: Where is your favorite place to sail?
DR: After traveling with ABK Boardsports for three years and seeing almost every sailing spot in the US,  I moved to Rio Vista. It’s relatively long season with incredibly consistent winds and warmer weather.

KP: And where is the best spot on the river?
DR: The Datchery. Like a mini version of the Hatchery in the Gorge it has the cleanest and steepest swell I have found on the river and a flat spot on the inside for transitions. And no, I will not tell you where it is.

KP: Favorite thing about Ezzy Sails?
DR:  The have a  locked in feel that lets you focus on the next ramp without worrying about finding power from the sail to go big.

KP: What is the best Ezzy Sail for Rio Vista?
DR: With our most popular size being a 5.0 the Wave Panther is the sail of choice.

: Who is your best Ezzy customer?
DR: Phil Simmons. The guy gets a new quiver every year… everything from 5.5 down to 3.7.


KP: What do you customers most like about the Ezzy Product?
DR: Without much shade out here durability is pretty important, and as everyone knows if you want the best built longest lasting sail money can buy you go for an Ezzy.

KP: Thanks so much and talk to you soon. Time to sail! Kevin

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