Ezzy scores great test result in Germany

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Just in from Germany:

“we just received the Panther Windsurfing Jahrbuch test result.”

Here is the text in English:

Sail tested: 4.7 Ezzy Wave Panther.

The first impression:

The Panther makes at first sight has a very good and well built impression. The largest difference to the predecessor Wave SE is the shorter boom. In the Leech a new material is used, that allegedly is more UV resistant and in addition lighter than monofilm. The mast sleeve is likewise very high-quality. Apart from the good building quality a surprise waits at the foot of the sail. One can use a trim block or alternatively a d-ring in case you prefer using a  trim hook with your extension. The Panther has no longer as much profile as its predecessor, but nevertheless a strongly preformed belly within the foot area.

Rigging and tuning:

The sail is to be trimmed mainly over the outhaul. At the downhaul one has actually only a very little range to play with. The downhaul should not vary more than one cm. That has the advantage that you can get along with mainly tuning the sail on the outhaul. The 4.7 needs a four-meter mast. Rigging is easy.

Handling characteristics:

The Panther lies well in the hand, feels directly and the new material in the Leech lets the sail feel light and respond quickly. The drive, which the sail supplies, is very pleasant and although it has less belly as its predecessor, it is quite early to plan. If the wind picks up it mostly is enough to increase the outhaul and the sail again is balanced and neutral in the hand. There is a wide tuning range without touching the downhaul which is very pleasant. The pressure point is very stable and gives the rider the pleasure of riding very relaxed also in rough conditions. If one adjusted the harness lines correctly, one can remain on the water for a long time on the water without getting tired. The sail has enough power to plan through lulls and accelerates quickly, as soon as the wind is back. Also because of the large wind range the sail is not only suitable for waves only.  The large wind range of the sail, however, compensates this small deficiency by far.


The Panther has everything, for which Ezzy stands: It offers simple handling in combination with a lot of performance and a really huge wind range. According to our opinion, the Panther is the best Ezzy ever.

Pro: Great power, well balanced and very large wind range.

Con: None.



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