Ezzy Rider Spotlight- Will Ward

by / Monday, 19 August 2013 / Published in Ezzy in the News, Ezzy Team

Will Ward

KP- Can you tell us about yourself a bit? Where your from and how you got into windusrfing?

Will Ward- I am from the UK, in the center 3 and half hour’s to each coast, but i learned to windsurf on a duck pond when I was 14 and then when i was 18 i moved to Fuerteventura.I have now been here 10 years and i never looked back.

Will Ward

What do you like most about your Ezzy Sails?

Ezzy sails are the best! stronger,lighter and no fancy bullshit screen prints like North and Pryde. I have been using Ezzy sails for 7 years now. I mainly use the Tiger 5.0 the most, but my favorite size is 4.7 Tiger.

What are your goals for the season?

My goals this year are to stay healthy and fit and windsurf as much as possible. I also surf and motocross. I mainly ride the track’s but if it ever rain’s which is rare i will go for an Endro run. One moto X session and the next time I windsurf i feel more pumped up to go big because its only water.

Can you talk about Wichcraft Boards?

Wichcraft board’s are perfect impossible to snap so no stress when on a windsurfing holiday worrying about the board and also no need to worry if my board goes on the rock’s because of the Dyneema truly bullet proof!

Who inspires you?

My inspiration since i was a kid and still is Jason Polakow windsurf,surfing and motoX he’s killin it!

Any good session’s this year?

This year has been good so far big swell’s but last week I was windsurfing la Caletta on the Northshore, on a soild day I went up to smack it but I was a little late, I got nailed and the I came up there was just my sail and no board the UJ had snaped and a hour and half swim in and my board had gone, now somewhere in the Atlantic ocean so if any see it there is a reward. My favorite spot is Acid drop port tack big and glassy faces. 

Thanks for your time and enjoy the time on the water ~KP

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