Extreme Tiff comes 3rd at PWA Aloha Classic

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Whoohoooo… first of all congratulations on your awesome finish at the Aloha Classic! Incredible. I guess all that local knowledge really came into play. How were to conditions for you out there?

Thank you! You have greatly contributed to my success. Well, as conditions go, it was classic Hookipa -light on the inside and ledging on the outside. The direction had a lot of north so you were likely to end up on the rocks, and they’ll get cha! Basically local knowledge is key because this is a break that changes every day. I think one of my main advantages was the wave size which was bigger than the norm and these are the conditions I feel most comfortable in. This year had a lot to do with lady luck and being in the right spot at the right time.Being able to read the wave is a huge factor because you can’t tell mother nature what to do. All you can do is hold on and go for the ride. I’m a little bit of a dark horse in the league especially within the PWA, which made this a huge win for me.

1911196_996505140366199_3524212571697731992_oYeah we saw some great turns out there, you kinda just came into your own this year and finished 3rd in the PWA… Whats up with that??

This year was a legendary one for me because all the pieces really fit together perfectly, it was a whole lot of slap snapping fun out there! Finally, I could turn off my brain and just sail and really enjoy the purity of sailing and be in the moment which is what its all about, right? Sailing Hookipa mast high with four people out? All time! I’ll take it! My equipment, mind, body and soul was the winning recipe, everything married beautifully.

1465864_996742380342475_5176519359752981012_oHow may PWA events have you competed in before this one?] Let’s just sum it up with this- I did the full tour competing professionally from 2002 to 2005- 3 years. I got 5th my rookie year which was a pinnacle for me during that time, stoking a fire within for sure and this winning spree has definitely re-sparked my competitive flame.

How were your sails working out in those conditions? What sizes were you using mainly?
My main sail for this spot and during this comp was a 4.5 elite Ezzy which has a huge range (as all Ezzys do) and that is why I’m so stoked on their sails. With someone of my size, frame and ferocity its important to have the proper rig even when others are riding a 4.2 or 4.7. To be honest with you, I am the ultimate stress test on any equipment. These sails are so versatile, light and maneuverable that I tend to stick with what I know will work in a variety of conflicting conditions which is the 4.5 Elite. From 4 foot, offshore, light winds to double mast high, reeling perfect side offshore winds, Ezzy is obviously my winning choice. Their flexibility is unsurpassed and can be summed up in a simple equation: Tiff+ tuff=tiffproofed You know their tough if they’ve been put through the tiff test.

10648307_996505213699525_6592807027943201110_oDoes having this sort of success pump you up for doing any more events?
The first thing I have to say is I can see why winning is so addictive- it fuels your physique, morale and mind, it basically gives you the ultimate high. Yes, I pretty much want to go full out from here on but, good things come to those who wait and I believe the reason for this win had a lot to do with just being stoked to be out there with great competitors. Future comps are defiantly on the horizon and I’m keeping my eye on the prize. If you can dream it you can do it, and who knows what the future will hold.

You were running from your third place victory over to a wedding ? Tell us about your “day job”?

Maui Catering Services, www.mauicateringservices.com is my baby. I am the chef and owner of a more than budding catering company which was featured on the food network when I competed on Extreme Chef. Ironically I got third in that comp as well, zero to hero you could say! My best friend and fellow competitor Anna-marie Reichman tied the knot with Eric Todah so I had to be there no matter what. Friends and family are a big part of what makes my company work and although it can be stressful having two loves in life it is worth every moment. I do have to say, being on the podium finally, words cannot describe! I am truly grateful and stoked all at the same time. To be surrounded by people who inspire me, at a beach that buzzes with the elite who’s of who of the windsurfing world ‘ohana they are some of the best athletes in the world. Im honored and energized to be rubbing sails with such a special crowd. All masts aside it was a wonderful experience and the highlight of my year.

Sounds awesome.
dictated by tiffany ward usa 69- written by #2 aka sous chef extraordinaire

Thanks for your time and keep on ripping!

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