Doug’s Beach Demo, July 3

by / Friday, 04 July 2008 / Published in Gary Morris, Latest News

The summer season is here along with windsurfers who make their annual pilgrimage to Windsurfing Mecca.  And what better place for them to start the season than Doug’s Beach just 15 miles east of Hood River.  Most sailors were on 4.0 to 4.7 as the wind was a little up and down, but pretty solid.  Among the sailors that tried the new ’08 Special Edition Waves were two brothers from British Columbia, Canada, Jamie from Penticton and Dave making his way from Whistler.  They are both solid sailors who are always looking for swells and big ramps, but simply had a great time pushing themselves and each other.


Jamie Looking Solid

So what did they have to say about their first rides on the new SE?  Jamie had several impressions, starting with, “it feels smooth through the full range of the sail, from down low to the top end.  The draft has a locked in feeling and doesn’t move back in the gusts, or pull you over.  In fact, in the gusts there is no jerk, just smooth forward power”.  Dave was comparing the new ’08 with his older Wave SE’s and, “they really have more power coming out of the hole, and feel steady and smooth”.

Dave Carves Hard

It was great seeing old friends from past summers and meeting new sailors who had never tried an Ezzy.  Hope to see you on the beach soon. Gary & Nancy


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