Congrats to Steve Grody – Grosse Pointe Windsurfing Club Event Winner

by / Tuesday, 22 September 2009 / Published in Latest News, Submitted Pics
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“Hello Ezzy,

I was the very lucky winner of the Free Wave 6.3 that was donated for the event.   I have never had a new sail, and am very excited to give it a go out on Lake Michigan this weekend in the waves.  (Lake Michigan gets some enormous waves for an inland lake, swells reaching over 10′.  And fall is a great time on the Great Lakes (and salt free!))
Thank you for supporting the local guys over here. We aren’t very high profile, but love to sail, and love to show others how to sail (i run a teen travel camp and teach wind surfing as part of it). ‘And no, i won’t let them beat up on the new sail – they get the old Gaestra 4.6 and 5.0 to play with.

I’ve been sailing for several years, and very much enjoy the competitions.  They push your skills, and are great camaraderie.   I came in 2nd in the long boards this year with my old poly board and the pink and yellow sail below.  If winds are better for the new sail next year, i look forward to 1st place.  (This year was a lot of pumping).
The other picture is the award ceremony, and includes Mark Beaumanm of the which have been great supporters, and Nat Siddall the event organizer.

Dave, i really appreciate the rigging video’s on the web site.  I’ve never really had much instruction or any experience with newer sails, so they are very useful.”

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