1 superlight feel of new panther 3 2 tuning the sail as the wind drops or picks up -makes life so easy 3 stability -the centre of effort is solid as rock 4 power range -there always enough power when you need it 5 re sale value -the quality is spot on so you always

[nggallery id=117] Equipment is predominant for your personal windsurfing experience and performance. If you are looking for a new sail, ask around and try an Ezzy sail. Be curious and believe in yourself. Here are five things I love, in priority order!   – FEELING – It determines if you like a sail or not,

1. Quality 2. No monofilm 3. Range 4. Personal attention 5. To sell is not most important

1.) Rigging: a.) excellent instructions included with the sails and online. b.) helpful rigging aids and instructions on the sails. c.) straight forward, easy rigging procedure; many cam sails can be a nightmare to rig; not Infinities. 2.) RDM compatibility: I’m not aware of any other cam sail that works as well with RDMs as

Sompong Vangaroonroj from Tabsai Chonburi Thailand writes: 1.Good power 2.Easy handling 3.Durable material 4.Easy rigging 5.great design {shape & colour}

Peter sails in Ottawa(home) and Hatteras Here is is list of reasons! 1.They rock. 2.They rock. 3.They rock. 4.They rock. 5.They rock! Picture of his wife,Connie in Hatteras. [nggallery id=107]

– bullet proof quality of materials – rigging instructions and indicators make my life easier to find the perfect setup – easy feel, center of power locked-in where it needs to be, lots of power – personal involvement and dedication of David Ezzy, always there if you need assistance – no mass-product, accessable premium for

Five Things from Arild Troite

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(Freeride 4 7.5 – 6.5 Wave Panther 5.5) – I like the look of the sail! Beautiful graphics and colours! – I like the materials used in the sails! They can take a beat and are built to last. – I like the easy rigging and tuning of the sails! Very easy guide on the

Five Things from Federico Böck

Monday, 07 February 2011 by

– The build quality – I have a Freeride 6.5 2007 – It’s the sail that I use more offen and it still in good shape. – The fact that is no monofilm in the sail. – The huge wind range and the easy way to tune it from the outhaul even in deep water.

Five Things About Ezzy by Dave Fimmers

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Submitted By Dave Fimmers Infinity (6.5 2009 and 7.5 2010): Having cams that are fitting for a variety of masts is really neat as it ensures good rotation regardless of mast diameter The fact that the sail is not very mast specific is a great boon. I am a heavy guy and I have experimented