Five Things I love about my Ezzy’s

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 by

1. Very stable in gusts (a real advantage in the costal conditions we have on the baltic) 2. Big trim range gives me the opportunity to adjust without downsizing (very good in unstable weather) 3. Early planing but not too grunty. 4. Good drive through bottom turns (important mainly in side on wind swell What

Build quality – it never crosses my mind the kit will break. Tuning / wind range – typically stops having to de-rig and rig and smooth at both minimum and Max settings Stability – no movement of the power around the sail. Fool proof down haul guide – nice to have no guess work Rock

Five Things from Ian McCormick

Monday, 15 October 2012 by

One – Awesome build quality Two – Attention to detail Three – Amazing customer service Four – Progressive, controllable feel Five – Marketing is last on the list

Mark Watson from  Southens, Essex, England shares his list: 1) Build quality – you know your Ezzy will last 2) The feel on the water 3) Bigger sails use my existing RDMs 4) Cammed sails come with cams for SDM and RDM, in case I ever change 5) Ezzy staff easily contactable

Thanks to Philip and Lisa for sharing! 1. The Durability 2. The locked in power of the Freeride 3. Positive “power on” feel of the Panther 4. The wind range 5. Dave Ezzy’s commitment to his product and to windsurfing 6. Never having to debate with other sailors why I sail Ezzy Sails, they know

Feel The first thing I noticed about these sails was a softer, lighter feel than I had experienced before, along with amazing stability in the sail’s centre of effort. Instead of working away at a sail where the CoE is subtly changing, you have super-stable sail that feels very light in your hands. The soft,

Five Things Andrew Davey Loves about Ezzy Sails

Wednesday, 23 November 2011 by

thanks to Andrew Davey from South East Queensland Australia for sharing!   1.SPEED! 06 model 7.5 infinity (JP121 Slalom) 31.84 kn open water 26kn wind speed, o8 5.8 Panther (Angulo SuperGu 102) 38.88kn open water 35kn wind speed (gt31) 2. Wind Range! Just about guarantees you the sail size you pick for the day will work

Thank you to Michael Marzolf (sails MN and Aruba) for sharing his list: Five things I love about Ezzy: 1) Performance 2) Quality Construction 3) Fit & Finish 4) Style 5) Customer Support

Five Things Bouke Becker Loves about Ezzy

Tuesday, 06 September 2011 by

In any given order: 1. Low end wind range without losing on the high end 2. Weight 3. PVC window, no peering around to mast to see where you are going and going blind up to the lip 4. durability 5. The way all the details have been done, the exchangable variotop and pulley, the

1) The sails have a lot of power but feel really light in the hands, so when I ride a wave, I don’t ever have to think about my sail. 2) The twist in the top of the sails gives more forgiveness for landing jumps like backloops. 3) The color combinations on the Panther Ltd