Baja Winds Were Light – February 28, 2012

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After an epic January, the wind in February has been light.  At least the final two days of the month are making up for a lackluster performance by Mother Nature in the wind department.  I counted only 9 days of solid conditions for sailing during the month, along with a few other light days if you had a 6.5 and larger sail.  But hey, this is Baja and the light days, the sunshine and warm temps provided perfect conditions for mountain biking, fishing, and exploring southern Baja.  Don’t let life slip by while sitting on the beach waiting for wind.

Sunrise in La Ventana; a  sailor’s delight.

The Baja Test Crew has been putting the 2012 Tiger to the test, along with the 2012 Panther Limited.  It’s a toss up so far for which sail people like the best.  I’m hearing similar comments that both sails have a light and very balanced feel along with the power and range that everyone loves about all the Panthers.  It seems that some sailors prefer the look and style of the Limited, while others love the value the Tiger provides.

Don’t tell Al, Wendy has a new love.

Wendy from BC, Canada is usually content to wait until she can sail her 4.2, and leaves the 4.7 and 5.5 for her husband Al to enjoy.  She’s pretty straightforward about her feelings regarding what she calls the big sails, “I’d rather bake or read than sail a 4.7”.  It must have been the lack of solid windy days during February, because I was surprised when she asked to try the 4.7 Tiger.  When she returned after a long session, she was straightforward with her impression of the sail.  “The sail feels super light both on and off the water.  The range is unbelievable; I could have been on my 4.2 as the wind ramped up, but I was comfortable on the 4.7.  It really spills the gusts.  I’m getting one of these!”  Al just smiled and said, “what ever she wants”…(a wise man indeed).  Thanks to Wendy and Al for being part of the Baja Test Crew, its fun sailing with you in Baja and the Gorge.

Here’s a short video of Dan’s impression of the Tiger.  He loves the new Tiger.

Just got back from the beach and the wind was cranking 3.7-4.2.  Looks like February will be going out on a high note with great wind and waves forecast for the next 6 days.  Wish you were here, and if you are, see ya on the beach, Gary

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